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Null Knives Voodoo DarkTi Kit 
Null Knives Voodoo DarkTi Kit blue-violet DarkTi Kit for the Null Knives Voodoo DarkTi by Chad Nicholsincluding clip, backspacer and tri-studs

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Vero Engineering Axon Mini Timascus Set
Vero Engineering Axon Mini Timascus Setfor Axon Mini Frame Lock or Linerlockthe set consists of a clip and a backspacer delivery without knife

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Vero Engineering Synapse XL Zirconium Set 
Vero Engineering Synapse XL Zirconium Set Zirconium Clip & Backspacer for the Vero Engineering Synapse XL Gen3no knife includetWithout Logo

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Backspacer for Sebenza 21/31 KnifeLounge Exclusive
For: Small Sebenza 21, 31
KnifeLounge Exclusive Backspacer for Sebenza 21/31 Fits the Sebenza 31 and 21 Small or Large Titanium Made by Daily Customs A nice backview.... The KLE Backspacer ensures that the back of your Sebenza gets a clean, closed surface, which is somewhat reminiscent of the look of a modern Slipjoint. Of course, the functionality of your knife does not change in any way. Of course, titanium is used here, whose surface is very similar to the handle scales of Chris Reeve knives. The Backspacer is manufactured exclusively for KnifeLounge by Daily Customs in Hamburg. Thus, the entire product, from design, to packaging, to the finished product is made entirely in Germany.  The KLE Backspacer fits both the current Sebenza 31 and its predecessor, the Sebenza 21. Of course, you can choose between the Large and the Small version for both versions.  If you want to install the Backspacer in your Sebenza 31, you will definitely need the matching body pin and screw kit from Chris Reeve, otherwise the Backspacer cannot be installed. While the blade stop on the Sebenza 21 is designed in such a way that you can continue to use the installed body pin, the body pin of the Sebenza 31 is completely replaced. Chris Reeve Knives does not produce, nor endorse this product. The use of this product can void the warranty of your knife.V2 - the second generation We have completely revised the backspacer, version 2 now has a milled chamfer, which prevents the blade from hitting the backspacer.

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Chris Reeve Umnumzaan Backspacer Pin & Screw Kit
Chris Reeve Umnumzaan Backspacer Pin and Screw Kit Backspacer Pin & Screw-Set Replacement for the Lanyardpin made for the Chris Reeve Umnumzaan

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Chris Reeve Backspacer
Chris Reeve Knives: Large Sebenza 21, 31 blau
Replacement Backspacer for your Chris Reeve knife. Here you have the choice between the three different versions of the CRK backspacer. Please note the different sizes for the models Inkosi and Sebenza 21/31. Umnumzaan The backspacer (similar to the Sebenza 21/31) is slid onto the matching pin and screwed to the side. If you want to use your Umnumzaan without the included lanyard, you can simply install a second Backspacer. Sebenza 21/31 small & large Here the backspacer is slid over the matching pin. You have the choice between the silver or blue version. Due to the large diameter of the backspacer, the lanyard hole can not be provided with a second spacer as with the Umnumzaan. Inkosi small & large Unlike the other models, the Inkosi is a one-piece standoff made of stainless steel, which is screwed on both sides. The wide cutout in the middle of the standoff also serves as a receptacle for the lanyard.

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