Chris Reeve Microfiber Cloth
Chris Reeve Microfiber ClothThe Chris Reeve Microfiber Cloth is a handy tool for cleaning knives and other items. With a size of 28 cm x 28 cm (11"x11")  and a fine microfiber structure, it effectively removes fingerprints and dirt and leaves a streak-free surface. The cloth is made of high quality material and soft enough to avoid scratches on delicate surfaces. It is lightweight and handy and can be stored in any pocket. The cloth features a softly embossed Chris Reeve logo that emphasizes the high quality of the product. The Chris Reeve microfiber cloth comes standard with every Chris Reeve pocket knife, making it an essential accessory for all knife lovers. Whether for cleaning knives, sunglasses or cell phones - the Chris Reeve microfiber cloth is a useful companion for everyday use.

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Chris Reeve Leathermat
Chris Reeve Leather Work Mat Perfect surface to work on your knives. The mat is made of leather. So they may have slight nuances and irregularities in coloring. Supplied without knives or accessories. Dimensions: 30.5 cm x 26.7 cm12 "x10.5"

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Not available
Chris Reeve Umnumzaan Backspacer Pin & Screw Kit
Chris Reeve Umnumzaan Backspacer Pin and Screw Kit Backspacer Pin & Screw-Set Replacement for the Lanyardpin made for the Chris Reeve Umnumzaan

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Chris Reeve Clip Insert and Screw
Chris Reeve Knives: Large Sebenza 21, 31 Umnumzaan
Chris Reeve Clip Insert and Screw If you want to wear your Small Sebenza or TiLock without a clip, we have the perfect "gap filler" for you.Large version for Large Sebenza 21 and Umnumzaan. The insert is identical in color to the dark finish of the Reeve knives.

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Lanyard Pin
Lanyard Pin The pin holds the lanyard and can rotate freely in the hole. You have the option to install the pin with or without lanyard. Please note the different sizes for your selection.

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Chris Reeve Backspacer
Chris Reeve Knives: Large Sebenza 21, 31 gold
Replacement Backspacer for your Chris Reeve knife. Here you have the choice between the three different versions of the CRK backspacer. Please note the different sizes for the models Inkosi and Sebenza 21/31. Umnumzaan The backspacer (similar to the Sebenza 21/31) is slid onto the matching pin and screwed to the side. If you want to use your Umnumzaan without the included lanyard, you can simply install a second Backspacer. Sebenza 21/31 small & large Here the backspacer is slid over the matching pin. You have the choice between the silver or blue version. Due to the large diameter of the backspacer, the lanyard hole can not be provided with a second spacer as with the Umnumzaan. Inkosi small & large Unlike the other models, the Inkosi is a one-piece standoff made of stainless steel, which is screwed on both sides. The wide cutout in the middle of the standoff also serves as a receptacle for the lanyard.

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Chris Reeve Body Screw Kit
Chris Reeve Knives: Large Sebenza 31
Chris Reeve Screw Kit All body screws including tools as a kit. However not included: Pivot screw and pin for Umnumzaan and Inkosi.Stainless steelKey: Wiha Made in Germany

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Chris Reeve Mnandi Clip Replacement Screw
Mnandi Clip Replacement Screw Clip replacement screw Made in USA If you like to wear your Mnandi without a clip. Just loosen the clip and screw in this replacement screw.

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Chris Reeve Body Pin und Screw Set
Fits for: Large Sebenza 21/31
Chris Reeve Body Pin und Screw im Set notwendig für dein Sebenza 31 wenn du den Knife Lounge Exclusive Backspacer verbauen möchtest wird nur für das 31 Modell benötigt

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Chris Reeve Replacement Pocket Clip for Impinda
Chris Reeve Replacement Pocket Clip for Impinda Replacement clip and screw for your Chris Reeve Impinda (knife not included) machined from solid titanium

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Chris Reeve Body Screw
Fits for: Large Inkosi
Chris Reeve Body Screw Single screw for the bolster of your Chris Reeve knife.For the models: Small Sebenza 21 and 31 (5 - 40 x 250). Large Sebenza 21, 31 and Umnumzaan (6 - 32 x 19/64") Large Inkosi and Small Inkosi

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Chris Reeve Umnumzaan O-Rings
O-rings Umnumzaan for the thumb pins of your Umnumzaan made of shock absorbing polyurethane The O-rings dampen the impact of the pins against the handle.Thus, the knife opens almost silently and also gives a very rich feeling when the lock engages. To change the rings, simply pull the old O-rings off the stoppins and carefully slide the new ones into the designated groove. Scope of delivery: 1 pair

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Not available
Chris Reeve Clip Screw
Chris Reeve Clip Screwfor Large Sebenza, Small Sebenza, Umnumzaan, TiLockIf you need a Clip Screw for your Inkosi (Large or Small) please order the Body Screw for the Small Inkosi (COM-5007).

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