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17.07.23 Heidi Blacksmith Raffle

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Heidi Blacksmith im Raffle

KPL Original Knife Oil
KPL Original Knife OilThe most popular oil for pocket knivesMade in USAfor all moving parts of folding knivesWhat makes KPL so special?Pocket knives are a unique use case that they are exposed to a variety of contaminants, salts and abrasive particles every day. KPL oil instantly makes your knife feel and function better.It protects!KPL prevents abrasive damage to ball bearings, washers and races. It stops rusting and corrosion.KPL is based on the latest advances in chemistry.Knife Pivot Lube takes advantage of the most modern advances in chemistry. Our lube is synthesized from ground-up and blended to incorporate contaminant encapsulation technology, corrosion inhibitors, and wickability modifiers tuned to work perfectly on pocket knives.Contents:10 ml

Not available
KPL Knife Shield
KPL Knife ShieldRust protection and cleaner for your knife bladesFood safe and non-toxicMADE in USAApplication:Spray some Knife Shield on the knife bladewait 10 seconds and then polish the blades with a clean cloth. The KPL Knife Shield forms a thin film of corrosion-inhibiting molecules on the metal surface. In addition, it removes you immediately glue residueand dried dirt on your blade.  It dissolves thereby also oil residues and degreases the surfaces gently without leaving streaks.KPL Knife Shield is thereby applicable for various materials and metals: steel, copper, brass, bronze, nickel silver, titanium, zirconium, Timascus or Mokume. 100% food safe and non-toxicKnife Shield is made of H1 certified food safe ingredients which are approved for use in commercial kitchens contents118 mm spray bottle

KPL Knife Care Swabs
KPL Knife Care SwabsPack of 50 Swabswashable and re-usable swabswith ultra-fine microfiber bristles that grab dirk and dust 1 mm tip

Not available
Stahlwerk Cult Titanium
Stahlwerk Cult TitaniumFirst edition of 50 pieces including serial number handle made of titaniumblade made of M390 with stonewash finish including storage box with data sheet & sticker

Variants from €449.00*
Not available
Stahlwerk Apnoe Stonewashed
Stahlwerk Apnoe StonewashedFirst edition of 50 pieces including serial numberMicarta handle  Damascus blade with stonewashed finishincluding Kydex sheath and tool for disassembling the handle scales

Not available
Stahlwerk Apnoe PVD
Stahlwerk Apnoe PVDFirst edition of 35 pieces including serial numberMicarta handle  Damascus blade with PVD finishincluding Kydex sheath and tool for disassembling the handle scales

Variants from €299.00*
Stahlwerk Apnoe Kydex Adapter 
Stahlwerk Apnoe Kydex Adapter Adapter for your Kydex sheath made of black leather includes screws for mountingWear your Apnoe on your belt with the adapter made of leather.Delivery without Kydex sheath.

Spyderco Stok Drop Point
Spyderco Stok Drop Pointcompact outdoor fixed Sjoerd Stok design handle with continuous tang made of G10 8Cr13MoV blade with thumb hole sheath included

€85.00* €99.95* (14.96% saved)
Spyderco Stok Bowie 
Spyderco Stok Bowie compact outdoor fixed Sjoerd Stok design handle with continuous tang made of G10 8Cr13MoV blade with thumb hole sheath included

€85.00* €99.95* (14.96% saved)
Not available
GiantMouse ACE Nimbus V3 - Double Black Canvas
GiantMouse ACE Nimbus V33rd version of the Nimbus with the following new features:Magnacut steelflat phosphor bronze washers instead of the bronze washers in version 2

Not available
Lynch Deepcarry-Clip for GiantMouse
Lynch Deepcarry Clip for GiantMousedesigned for the ACE models of GiantMouse, which use a wire clipfits most but not all models, as the clip "prongs" themselves may varyMade in USA from titaniumFits for: ACE Atelier Micarta (not titanium)ACE BiblioACE ClydeACE FarleyACE GrandACE JutlandACE Nazca TitanACE NibblerACE Nimbus V2ACE RivACE Sonoma V2ACE Tribeca

The Knife Lounge Rollmops
The Knife Lounge RollmopsEDC roll bag for up to 13 tools such as knives, narrow flashlights or pensmade of canvas made in Germany Sometimes a knife case is just a bit "too much". You just want to pack a couple of folders, a smaller fixed and maybe your favorite pen and don't feel like carrying a whole case? How about a rollmop? No, not the one in a jar. Here it is about the Rollmops knife case.Our Knife Lounge Exclusive Rollmops we have developed together with Wunschleder from southern Germany. The idea actually comes not from the knife world, but from the silver craft. For storage of high-quality silver cutlery, so-called "cutlery rolls" or "winding bags" are common. At some point we noticed that these bags are in principle also suitable for pocket knives - if you revise them a little.Our Rollmops bag offers space for seven pocket knives or compact Fixed, which are in a leather or Kydex sheath. The width of the compartments is about 5.5 cm so that even thicker folders can be stowed here. Between the compartments you will find narrower slots, in which, for example, a penor even a small flashlight fit. The canvas material from Spain not only feels great, but is also extremely resistant. So you can customize your Rollmops a little bit, there is a patch area on the outside, so you can attach your favorite patch here. Close the Rollmops with the leather banding.WunschlederFor this project, we work this time with Wunschleder from southern Germany. The team around Rainer and Leonore Wensky has an incredible amount of experience and know-how in the processing of leather and high-quality fabrics. Also the topic of knives is not new territory for the Wunschleder team: their high-quality bags for chef's knives are as legendary as they are great. Each rollmops is cut and sewn by hand. So you get a  "HandMade" product that is completely designed and manufactured in Germany. All materialsienstammen from the EU Dimensions:External dimensions (rolled out) circa:    55 cm x 18 cmHeight of the quiver:  12 cmPatch area about 5 x 12 cm