Böker Barlow Integral Burlap Micarta Damast

Product information "Böker Barlow Integral Burlap Micarta Damast "

Böker Barlow Integral Burlap Micarta Damast

  • Micarta Scales
  • Blade made of Böhler N690
  • Only 31 grams
Blade Material: Damast Steel
Blade length: 6,5
Gewicht: 31
Handle Material: Micarta
Klingenstärke: 2,0
Knife type: Classic pocket knives, Gentlemens Carry
Lefthand suitable: Limited suitable
Legal to carry in Germany: Yes
Locking Mechanism: Slip Joint
Made in: Solingen
Opening: Nail Nick
Overall Length: 15,0

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Böker Barlow Prime Expedition
Böker Barlow Prime Expedition compact pocket knife in classic look N690 steel blade and Micarta handle scales Handmade in Solingen Off to new adventuresWhich pocket knife Ernest Shackleton had in his pocket when he set off on his Impirial Trans-Antarctic Expedition in his ship, the Endurance, in 1914, we don't know for sure, of course. But we like the idea of thinking it might have been the new Böker Barlow Prime Expedition. The name of this knife exudes the charm of the great voyages of discovery of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and indeed this pocket knife would certainly have made a faithful companion on such a voyage. The Barlow Prime pays homage to the Barlow knives, which were imported to the United States from Europe as early as the 18th century. Thus, at the turn of the century, the first Barlows also appeared in Böker's lineup. The Barlow Prime is clearly based on one of the knives of that time and is - just like in the past - completely manufactured in Solingen. Typical for this type of knife are the two bolsters made of solid brass, which are a little shorter on this Barlow variant than on the American representatives of its kind. This has the advantage that the weight is reduced a little. For the handle material, Böker have opted for a classic green Micarta, which together with the brass bolsters gives a great look. The small shield with the Böker logo is also embedded in the handle. Böhler's N690 steel is used for the blade, which is highly resistant to rust thanks to its high chrome content. Towards the tip, the blade was given a ricasso on the back of the blade, which makes for a racy but equally classic look. To prevent the blade from accidentally folding, the slipjoint spring engages another time at 90 degrees. All in all, Böker have brought a great version of a true gentleman's knife classic back to life here. The Barlow Prime is a pocket knife that is just as versatile as it is elegant. Whether in the pocket of a fur jacket or the pocket of a sailor's pants - with this knife you get a companion that is ready for any adventure.

€84.95* €129.95* (34.63% saved)
Böker Rangebuster Green
Böker Rangebuster Green elegant classic gentlemen's knife with Micarta handle scales ice hardened N690 steel with green Micarta under 50g Workhorse!Hardly any tool is so closely linked to the emergence of the USA as the Solingen work knives of the 18th and 19th centuries. By the thousands, for example, the Hippekniep (often referred to simply as Hippe, Notschlachter or even Arbeitsmesser) was shipped from Germany to the fledgling USA. There they served as robust and plain knives for the often very hard work on the land. Here, stability and reliability were especially in demand. In the English-speaking world, this type of knife was often called sodbuster or bullbuster. Böker now bring with the Rangebuster a new knife on the market, which is strongly reminiscent of the great time of Solingen work knives. The curved handle with the self-supporting shells made of Micarta (optionally available in Green or Maroon) lies very securely in the hand and guarantees effortless work even over a longer period of time. A special visual highlight is the thick, robust brass pin that keeps the blade centered in the hilt. Unlike its historical predecessors, Böker used N690 steel from Böhler for the Rangebuster, which is not only insensitive to rust thanks to its special ice-hardening process, but also has very good edge retention. The traditionally toothed nail cut is somewhat reminiscent of an eye, as in the historical model. Another special feature is that the Rangebuster uses a robust backlock lock instead of a slipjoint spring. This means that even harder cutting work can be done safely and securely. Perfect, by the way: The ClipSlip in size Small.

€99.95* €139.95* (28.58% saved)